Since 2001, Amy has offered holistic financial planning and wealth management as an independent advisor.

Amy is a licensed fiduciary, which means she is required by law and license to put her clients’ financial interests above her own. She is not licensed to accept commissions on any of the securities she recommends, which means that Amy acts in a Fiduciary capacity, offering what is best for the client. She holds a Series 65 securities license as well as life, health, disability and long-term care insurance licenses in North Carolina and Florida. Amy is also a flight attendant with Southwest, e138478.

Here’s how Amy can help you:


Help optimize your 401(k) investments


Provide fixed index annuities for guaranteed lifetime income


Determine if you have the right insurance(s)


Provide index-universal life policies for tax-free income


Implement an education/ college savings plan


Create a Spending Plan to help keep you on the right path

Here’s the Process:


You complete 3 forms.

Complete 3 forms: Confident Client Profile, Asset Allocation Questionnaire (aka Risk Tolerance Survey) & Financial Planning Contract –We will email the forms to you, along with a secure Sharefile link. Upon completion you will upload the forms to us via the secure Sharefile link.


Amy will:

  • Formulate your financial “Big Picture.”
  • Determine how sensitive you are to the short-term fluctuations of the stock market, also known as your Risk Tolerance.
  • Analyze and evaluate which of your investments are working for you and which are not.
  • Project your future cash flows and SHOW you the probability of successfully reaching your retirement goals based on your current investment elections.
  • Analyze the funds in the 401(k) plan (and your investments outside of the 401(k) plan, if applicable) and recommend changes that are tailored to your specific short- and long-term goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance.
  • Then, project your future cash flows again, SHOWING either (1) an improved probability of successfully reaching your retirement goals, OR, (2) your current probability of successfully reaching your retirement goals with a less risky portfolio based on the recommended changes to your holdings.

Amy will also:

  • Determine if you have the optimal amount and types of insurance(s).
    • Common questions include:
      • Do I need Disability? Short-term? Long-term? Both?
      • Do I need Long Term Care? What if I die before I use it? Is there an alternative to Long Term Care?
  • Analyze your current and future situation to help implement an effective education/college savings plan, if applicable.
Cost: $5000 Value*

SWA employee price: $2,500

($1,250 due upon signing, balance due upon the plan being presented. We accept credit/debit cards only. Presentations are made via GoToMeeting unless otherwise agreed upon by Amy Blair Lawson.)
*Cost can vary depending on the client's unique situation and is determined by the extent of the services included.